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Dunleavy Meats LTD

Visit the site here http://www.dunleavymeats.com/

Here is our new website design for Dunleavy Meats LTD based in Ballina, Co. Mayo.

Michael Dunleavy established Dunleavy Meats in 1961 as a local butcher shop and wholesale supplier, as well as running the family farm in the small town of Ballina, Co, Mayo. The reputation for the product and quality grew; due to demand in 1998 the company started work on a new abattoir and deboning facility. In 2001 Dunleavy Meats acquired its EU Licence and began to target mainland Europe.

This website, like all our websites is built on an easy to use content management system which allows the user to update it easily. It is also mobile responsive so it can be viewed on mobile, tablet or pc.

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